Using Your Dryer


  • When unpacking your Oldfield Dryer, make sure to check all parts of the dryer for damage during transit.
  • Make sure to place dryer on a firm flat surface before connecting to a 240V 50HZ power supply.
  • Attach drying hose and whilst holding the nozzle switch one or both switches according to the amount of air pressure you wish to dry your animal with.
  • For best results, make sure to blow animal before washing or clipping, this will make the animal easier to wash and if clipping it will give you a much longer life out of your clipping blades.


  • To increase the life of your Dryer make sure to keep filter element clean. This must be carried out when filter is full of dirt, dust or hair or  when dryer seems to have lost power.
  • When cleaning filter remember to unplug dryer from power source. Unlatch the filter end on the dryer, remove filter end and clean or replace filter with a genuine Oldfield filter.
  • For any electrical problem make sure to have an authorised Oldfield Service Centre check and repair fault or return to manufacturer.
  • It is important to keep dryer out of wet conditions as this will lead to electrical problems.
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