The Oldfield LD2000
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Model LD 2000

This double switch dryer gives you the option of high and low pressure, this dryer is used extensively with dog grooming salons and mobile pet groomers who have realised the benefits this dryer can be to them in reducing drying time and blowing out all that dead hair leaving a healthy and shiny coat. This model comes with a 5m flexible hose and nozzle attachment to give even more intense air pressure.
The LD2000 features two 850 Watt Twin Fan Airflow Motors
This dryer stands 28cm high and is 50cm long. It is made from Zincalume steel which is strong enough to withstand hard conditions. It has been professionally painted by a licenced spray painter in a two pack paint which stops scratching and helps prevent rust.

This dryer has more power than anything on the market.

A ball park price for this dryer is around $750 - contact our distributors for a more exact price.

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